Hong Kong Renowned Painter Lui Sau-kwan – Commentary on the 7th Taiwan Fine Arts Exhibition:

Among artists who have transformed the traditional academic style into their own personal flair, Yu Chung-lin’s “Bamboo and Birds” stands out. His work can be regarded as the foremost in modern Chinese academic-style bird-and-flower painting.

Yu Chung-lin’s paintings exhibit a unique approach to composition and coloring. His technique of ‘over-dyeing with powder’ is distinct and sets his work apart. As a result, his paintings embody a blend of elegance and robustness.

Yu Chung-lin’s achievement did not come overnight. His paintings are the result of long-term, arduous self-study, a testament to his success in mastering his art.

Taiwanese Art Critic, Ch’u Ko, on Yu Chung-lin:

Yu Chung-lin distinguishes himself from ancient artists through his integration of meticulous and vibrant imagery with the ink wash technique, creating a multi-layered and rich effect in his paintings. He successfully merges the meticulousness of Song dynasty academy painting (‘gong’) and the expressiveness of literati ink painting (‘yi’) into a harmonious whole.

Yu Chung-lin’s bird-and-flower paintings can be said to have revived the tradition dating back to the Five Dynasties and Northern Song period, further elevating and enhancing it.

For the master of bird-and-flower painting, Yu Chung-lin, the realm he achieves is a fusion of decoration and aesthetic refinement.

Taiwanese Famous Writer Ch’iung Yao Remembers Yu Chung-lin – Eternal Birdsong and Fragrance of Flowers:

Yu Chung-lin’s paintings, though renowned internationally for his meticulous bird-and-flower works, in truth, he was also adept at freehand painting. Whether it was landscapes, human figures, cats, dogs, or monkeys, he mastered almost every subject. His depictions of insects and butterflies were particularly lifelike.

What I admired the most was the ‘artistic spirit’ that resided within him, a spirit born of both cultivation and innate genius.

China Times Arts Reporter Tung Yun-hsia:

Yu Chung-lin’s paintings, characterized by meticulous strokes for form and freehand spirit for essence, have made him a leading figure in the field of bird-and-flower painting in Taiwan. Some even regard Mr. Yu Chung-lin as the foremost contemporary artist in this genre.

United Daily News Arts Reporter Ch’en Chang-hua:

Critics describe Yu Chung-lin’s vibrant creations as ‘Flowers that speak and birds of tender beauty.’ His works, featuring seasonal flowers and fruits, various birds, and an array of lush plants, create an ambiance of birdsong and floral fragrance. Captured within poetic and artistic expressions, he is acclaimed for adapting traditional academy-style bird-and-flower painting and developing a unique personal style, making him one of the most accomplished artists in this domain.